Easy recurring email reminders

Setting a reminder is as easy as sending an email. Tell us the remidner schedule in the subject line and the email body is the message to future you. Done!

Email is the UI

Forget flashy phone apps and slow, complicated UI. MailRecur's UI is plain text - or rich text if you really wanna get fancy.


Get reminders wherever you have email. Set a one-time reminder for tomorrow, or schedule one for every Wednesday at 3:15pm.

Value-based price

Want to test the waters? Sign up for a free account. Upgrade when you're ready to subscribe. Coming soon: reminders for your whole team!

How does it work?

Capture a single reminder, a recurring reminder or a general note. It's fast and easy.

1 Subscribe for free

Sign up for an account, then click the link inside the confirmation email to verify your email address. Now you're ready to remember.

2 Send us a message

Send us an email with your subject line as the reminder schedule. The content you write in your email is your message to future you.

3 Be reminded!

Done with your reminder? Just reply with the word 'stop' to deactivate a reminder. Set reminders from a PC or mobile in the user dashboard.

Sign up today

Try MailRecur with a free account. Individual accounts are just $9/mo. Team pricing coming soon!

Free Trial

Limited to 10 notes, 10 one-time reminders and 3 recurring reminders per month.


per month

Free Trial


100 notes, 100 one-time reminders, 15 recurring reminders per month


per month

Subscribe Now


Each user has the features of the Individual plan. Features a UI to handle team reminders.


per user per month

Coming Soon!

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